Standard pitch dimensions of 23 x 30 yards 



6 vs 6 (Including Goalkeeper)

Rosters are limited to 9 players maximum


2 x 20 minute halves with one 5 minute interval             


Ball Size: Size 5



Players on each team must wear the same coloured pinnies to distinguish them from the opposing team

Goalkeepers must wear a shirt that distinguishes them from other players.

Shin pads are mandatory and must be worn under the socks.

All players must wear proper indoor cleats

No jewellery is permitted on the field of play



Substitutions are flexible throughout the match.

The ball must be outside of the field of play and both teams must be notified of the change



Hands can be used within the designated area. The Goalkeeper cannot dribble the ball back into the designated area and then pick up the ball with their hands.



All goals will restart back at the centre spot for a kick off for the team that has just been scored against; the ball can be played forwards or backwards.



There are no off-sides



When the ball is kicked the height of the ball must not exceed the grey area outlined on the Coastal drapes, should it exceed this height a direct free kick will be awarded against the offending player at the point of infringement.



When the ball goes outside of the designated playing space this will result in a kick-in.

If the opposing team hits the ball across the end line this will result in a goal kick.

If the defending team hits the ball across the end line this will result in a corner kick.



No running or jogging by any player (including the goalkeeper) both in and out of possession of the ball. A direct free kick at the point of infringement will be given should any jogging or running be identified. If the same player commits the same offence three times, this will result in a 2-minute sin-bin



No slide tackles or shoulder barges permitted; any dangerous or reckless challenges will result in a direct free kick at the point of infringement. Any further aggressive behaviour by the offending player will result in the player being withdrawn from the match.



All free kicks will be direct; opposing players must be 3 metres away from where the free kick is being taken.



Penalty kicks will be given when a ‘sure goal’ opportunity is taken away from a player.


1) A hand ball from an outfield player to stop the ball entering the net

2) Fouling a player when they are the last defender

3) This will result in a 2-minute sin-bin for the offending player

4) Penalty kicks will take place at the top of the box; one step penalty kicks in effect



Players on the floor cannot play on the ball, a free klick will be awarded at the point of infringement.

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About The Indoor Facility


Coastal FC’s $5 million state of the art indoor soccer facility provides the best possible environment for footballing excellence within the province.  With weather elements being identified as a major barrier to player development in Canada, the BMO Coastal Soccer Centre is the largest purpose-built facility of its kind in the lower mainland.

About Coastal FC

Coastal Football Club was created on October 15, 2012 as a result of the amalgamation of Peace Arch Soccer Club, Semiahmoo Soccer Club and South Fraser Soccer Club. We provide recreational to high-performance soccer training and teams for boys, girls, and adults. 

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